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Moonchild Icons

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Hi! You've obviously stumbled upon my little icon community moonchild_icons run by me, mouseygirl512

The program I use is Photoshop CS2
I usually make Harry Potter icons but I'm trying to start branching out so any suggestions are helpful as to what fandoms to look into making. Although I will probably start making my other favorite movies/actors/tv shows first

:1: If taking any of my icons please COMMENT & CREDIT them to either moonchild_icons or mouseygirl512.
:2: I ask that you please DO NOT HOTLINK any of my graphics just save them onto your own computer and then you can upload onto a Photobucket account which is free to use.
:3: Feel free to nominate my icons if you think they warrant it just let me know by commenting which one your nominating.
:4: Please DO NOT EDIT or CHANGE my icons in any way. Most of the time if you ask nicely for a different variation of an icon I will most likely change it for you.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

I do take requests as long as you tell me a few things about the icon(s) you are requesting by filling out this:
Any particular image(s)? (links please)
Colour(s) and/or style:
Brushes, font, textures, etc:
Any particular text:


To request to be an affiliate please go to this post I only accept icon/graphics journals!